Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wednesday what who where..uh oh NO!!

After confirming with the pedatrician, that our youngest has the dreaded swine flu. We fought with the insurance to get the tamaflu suspense compound mix, and got it in the child. After two hours of sleep, I hear a deep voice in my head calling Sam get up, Sam get up help with the meds. The fever is back, and the other one is coughing its head off. I recultantly pull out of my coma rem sleep stage again. Second, night in a row my sleep cycle has been majorly inturpted. We get one child medicated almost asleep. The younger one with the swine flu only reminds of Ian in the book series by Kerrelyn Sparks, of his agony while taking an experimental drug to grow older and stay awake expect this is not fanasty. Its my kid screaming at the top of their lungs like they are being tortured by an unknown attacker. Its my kid curled up with a high fever with muscle spasms in places the kid didn't know existed. My DH exhaugsted and I doing my best to keep my cool like a melting iceberger during a greenhouse meltdown on high. Finally, we get this child settled down after an hour and half of screams the kind that make your ears bleed, and your eyeballs go blind from veins exploding from the vibration of the scream sound waves. The child eventually collapses on the bed next to their Daddy. Me, now fully awake, ear aches, and overwhelming desire to take out the incredibly rude, and inconsiderate family that exposed not only my child but an entire community to this awful virus. The spirit within me takes control, I start to pray instead of getting angry for healing, for peace, and for understanding.

To my new friends at bitten by books, if you have requested friend and I have ignored your requests. Do not take it personally. It has nothing to do with you right now. I am overwhelmed with lifes downs instead of ups.

Somebody remind how to pray to call in the healing powers from air, wind, water, earth, and then ultimately the holy spirit of all of us, that is found in the food we eat to help heal my family.

My brain is tired, my heart is heavy, and my body just wants to run until all the stress is gone.
So, excuse me if I don't answer emails, cell or lan line calls, text mgs or ims (family and friends that have my im address), I'm currently out of order for a few days.


Lynn said...

omg! how awful. i hope everyone recovers fast and completely! take care.

SmartandSassy said...

You need to know something important about taking the Tamiflu for the swine flu:
When one takes an anti viral for the swine flu (or any flu for that matter) they DO NOT develop antibodies to the flu and therefore can/will get it again. It is only by letting the flu run its course or getting vaccinated that they can prevent getting sick again. So if your child gets sick again you need to be aware that it could once again be swine flu because of the Tamiflu medication.
I hope you all feel better soon. I know swine flu is very scary. We have had over 600 cases at the University my daughter and I attend and one very healthy student in her Math class died from it. I don't know how we will proceed when we get sick. I am waiting for the injectable vaccine and will pass on the live nasal spray type for now. I will be thinking of you.