Monday, October 12, 2009

MOnday school's out

Okay, so yesterday was rather productive. I started and finished my flash card organizer bin. It was an old empty tea box. Now, it is altered and label holding every single flash card we own for the girls schooling. Not to mention I have started the enevolopes and stapler boxes that will be attached some how. My closet is slowly starting to look like you can find things. My DH is happy clutter is disappearing slowly..

Kids are out of school.

To do list:

Pictures in the park (haven't had sibling pictures in awhile)

HON finish next part of it

do a layout

cook dinner


make kids read for the reading logs

update calender..

Check this out...

yup another one. it would definitely come in handy for a teacher's gift. I'd keep part and give the rest away to one my kids teachers.


Lynn said...

oooooooooooooooooo tfs!!! hope you get your to-do's ta-done! lol!

ellen s. said...

who knew school stuff was so cool! hope you get your list done. i am happy if i just get dinner cooked, LOL!