Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Ad inspiration

Here is your sunday ad inspiration for multiple pictures. I hope you like it.
If you ever use one of these ads for inspiration. Please feel free to send me an image of your layout. I will gladly post it here.

This picture above is from Saturday's Welcome Back White out game. Yes its just the pom pom from the game but unless you ever have experienced one. Then you will never know the power of fans all dressed in white and cheering for their team to win. We didn't win our first home game here in our state. The devastation for our team captain Shane Doan was a lot since it was his birthday last night as well. Hugs from our family to you ...

This picture was taken above at the kids school for movie night. They open the gym up, you bring your blankets, pillows, and they sell drinks and food. They usually show a recently released movie to dvd. This time it was Monsters vs Aliens. WE didn't make it through the entire movie. I started feeling bad again. so, we left early. The kids got to visit with their friends. I got to visit with a few adults. Hence, I got out of my own box and world and mingled. Aren't you proud of me. Its hard to be the social bug I am when I am married to a hermit or hobbit that doesn't like big crowds.

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