Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Back to our Regular Schedule

Yesterday the kids were out of school, fall break/columbus day etc. Well, I had been planning a trip to a local park for some "fall pictures" shoot. Did it go the way it was suppose too? Nope, did my kids try to be unselfish and help mommy out by trying to show that they were showing love for other members of the family. HELL NO!!!! I do mean what I said. They did not wear the outfits I wanted them too. They did not leave their hair fixed and did any of the pictures appea natural and fun. HELL NO!! They have these expresses like I hate this and I hate you. They blocked nice shots when they did do some. So, we promptly left. They came home and did chores for about an hour. They read for an hour. They did not have fun at all. We had been planning this together for weeks. Then they decided to act awful. I mean awful!! I wasted what little battery juice we had left in the camera for them. I am still angry you betch ya! I am still foaming at the mouth about their unkind behavior? HELL YE!

Today the go back to school. They get their butts in gear and become the kids I raised them to be. Sorry about the angery post..I am sure most parents who plan to try to take nice pictures of their kids to save money when there is no money to spend can understand.

I have a hugh to do list. I am proud to say that I got more organizational stuff made and in use yesterday. I will definitely have to post the end result for you to see. Just keep coming back I will have a tutorial for you soon.

Reminder two peas chat today.

Like the fall face lift?

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