Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Started Off bad...

so, after serving my room mom duties, I was leaving with the entire class, the teacher, and other parents. My oldest child's head band slipped down over her eyes while walking (running) then into a steel pole. We went from the school nurse, to home, from a phone call to get her to an urgent care clinic to a speciality pedatric clinic 30 minutes south of where we live. The concern was that child just wanted to sleep and that the child rated the sleepiness level beyond a 10. This picture was taken six hours after the fact. Not to mention the fact the hospital had given children's ibprofen. I was up every few hours waking the child until child responded or the child woke on child's own accord. Trick or Treating will be limited to just our street. No major hitting other neighbhorhoods.
This is my oldest's child's teacher's new car. The teacher said that they had been saving for a new car, and that the teacher had fallen in love with a red bug on the internet. The teacher found one used and wasn't sure if the car would be worthy of the teacher's money. I was so excited to see the car. The teacher is an awesome person. The teacher really deserved the wonderful car. Cheery o!
I will hopefully remember to regrister and sign up for this class. I always have tons of pictures from the holidays that need scrapping. No joke..close to 300 per christmas. Last year it was 500 because we flew home for Christmas..


Nichol said...

Oh no I hope that bump goes away soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh My .. hope your little one will be just fine ... always something!
Like your new blog look.
smiles ;+) grammbo