Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Merry Go Round is Stopping

Okay yesterday was awful just awful. First, I had been sick all night long as in my own stomach was revolting from stress and from doing 3-4 miles after taking a long week off. Not good when at 3:00 am and then at 5:30 am kiddo started hollering and curling on the couch and toilet that stomach hurts like never before. Tums aren't working etc etc etc. Call the nursing hot line for help. If she stop screaming then regular doctor. If she continues, then straight to the emergancy room for immediate testing. It stopped the bad tummy pains but they were still there all day. After waiting around all day, we get to see the brother of the doctor that is our main doctor. They're twins, omg they are so identical its not funny. Though one is slightly shorter than the other that's about it. He ordered blood work, concerned over the more weightloss since she stopped being sick. Though he said we will be doing urine testing too. He can't believe how pale the kid still looks.

Then while waiting before the doctor's appointment, we had to move all the boxes out of the "office" where my DH would be getting a desk and credezina for working at home. He found a real wood set that was $250. It needs some stain sticks but is nice.

Not to mention, making sure the house is show room presentable (I hate being from teh south were facades are part of the every day life) just for the furniture people to come in and deliver a desk.

I did work on the moose project but not much yesterday. Hopefully, today I can get it done and surprise my DH with it.

I will be posting a project on two peas in a bucket. This project is very important to all parents or any that is ill frequently. It may save your child's life or even yours.I hopefully will get it done and posted for myself.

Go Coyotes! go! Great win last night over the defending stanley cup champs! 3-0. Maybe this will be your year to at least get division champions. That way the new owners won't move you to Las Vegas!!! Saturday is White out Saturday. Its on! Oh yeah..gonna be there for sure. Look opposing team..our team will shoot, score, and your goalie will suck!

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