Tuesday, October 6, 2009


nose wake up call. i was in the middle of a weird dream. I mean steamy hot shower which to most of us is relaxing. A little too hot but relaxing ..my nose itches in the dream then I feel a weird sensation. I feel a weird googy substance running down my nose and face in real life. Bam! Nose bleed..not just any nose bleed but the kind that you have to get help. You can't stop the bleeding without further getting bloody on everything and everyone in the bed. DH was able to grab a towel and help then fall into an exhaugsted state of sleep. That was over and hour and 45 minutes ago. Every time I try to lay down I have a weird sensation that I blood running down my nose and throat. No joke. so, I clean up myself and clothes.

The shocker of yesterday was Dh actually bought me roses. I mean a bouquet of roses. He has never in his life bought me flowers. One we are an allergy family. Two we really have never had the money for flowers before. Three he said that he really did love me really he did. Has hell freezed over that my husband is turning over a new leaf? I literarily cried like a baby. Beautiful aren't they..

Sorry about the dirty dishes shot..just the only one that you could see all the roses.

Now what do you think of my organization caddy made from old medicine boxes of liquid medicine? Not done with it. I need to decorate it. I need put labels on it. You should see what I am making with an old box from microwave popcorn.

Welcome goth gal..email your link to your blog please?


Jen Martakis said...

What a wonderful surprise (the flowers, not the nose bleed). LOL

They are beautiful. Enjoy!

Stefanie Eskander said...

I love that your DH surprised you so completely! Sometimes the most rare gift is the most precious! Sorry about the bloody nose, hope you feel better.

ellen s. said...

oh no that is crazy! i bet you were freaked...so nice of the hubster for some roses, though!