Monday, October 5, 2009


here is a special project that my youngest did last weekend. My oldest did one this weekend. Now waiting for their father to hang them up for use.

Total cost of the project from Wal-mart was $6.50 for two kids.

It doesn't show it but they used their finger prints to make polka dots on it.

(this is not a whine post but a declaration)

So, I made a decission about my birthday even though its two months away. I decided that I am not celebrating or letting anyone of adult age celebrate this year. WHy? Well, years past its been a "problem" for my family to celebrate my birthday. Last year was the last straw. I was coming down with a double ear infection, and told I looked like a dork by the way I was dressed. Gee just make my birthday crappy folks. It only got worse from there. so, the only cool thing about my birthday was my father in law, who was also sick, made his famous steaks for me. Now, that's making me feel special. Thank you to my dearest Father in law. Thank you to my husband's grandmother who too didn't care how I was dressed but just cared about me. To my kids, thank you for the special pictures and playdough cake. It hit the spot.
So, i offically broke the news to everyone in my family. My Dh's family got well let's say if hell could have had flames to burn me then I would be burnt to a crisp right now.

To my Dh's aunt and uncle thank you for the respect you show me in my decisions and you don't cricitis me either.

To my mother thank you for making my birthday special all these years. I appreciate it. Life is to complicated, I'm trying to keep my life simplified.

Keep it simple folks!

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SmartandSassy said...

As time goes by birthdays seem more like fun for kids and a hassle for adults. I also told the in-laws no more birthdays this year, for all of us (my kids are just barely adults now though). I think we are going the same route w/ Xmas too. Too many gifts had a "message" behind them, I want my birthday to be fun and relaxing not a show run by everyone else.

Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!