Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17

Here is my layout for today. I hope you like it. Its a little different than the others. Here is a two pager for you to consider for inspiration.

I like the collage feel of this.. and a big journaling space.

The mama bear in me just liked the way this ad read to me. One big picture title/journaling in one and other pictures.

Its a day of two pagers I guess. I hope you like.

I liked how they used 7 pictures. Not found of the excessive journaling.

We had a play date yesterday. I started to finish up the parent gift project, an altered clipboard project as well, and over all just enjoyed the holiday with friends.


Tea said...

Love the bow/ribbon on the layout. Also love all the great ads for inspiration.

Sasha HOlloway said...

I need to get more inspiration love your choices .. and the bow is definitely cool girlie ..

Jen Martakis said...

Great layout Sam. Love the pretty bow!

I really like the first 2 page ad. Very cool!