Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

This is December 26th. I know backwards. Sorry but this was inspired by a card i made that wasn't used by Songbirdavenue. You never know how you inspire yourself to create. This is December 25th. I know still backwards. it w as inspired by all the gifts and wrappings that go with it under the tree.

This is my dresser inspired layout. Yes, my dressing inspired me to do layout format. I sketched how the drawers where arranged and made it fit onto a 12 x 12 sheet of paper.

This morning we discovered ice on the recycling bin when we brought it in after the truck came. I was so thrilled to see the pretty transculent stuff. Go figure right. I will go check the fountain to see if the dirty rain water froze too. maybe get a photo to say with you.

Yesterday morning we had an emergancy trip to the pedatric dentist my oldest loves. The big teeth on the bottom don't come in underneath like most teeth due but from the back instead. At times it still pushes out the teeth but then this is the fourth time we have done this have to have the baby tooth extracted. The dentist is so funny and the staff is so caring that we dont' mind the 40 minute drive to and from the office. The tooth fairy paid the visit with a $5.00 bill only because it as an extracted tooth and not naturally falling out.
Then my oldest used a peeler for the first time in peeling big carrots for stew. I was the proud momma all night long. Then we made my famous cream cheese thumb print cookies, that even now, I get calls from the south saying, we miss your cookies. We've tried to make them but you have the science down on making them. So, I made some for tonight and put the rest in the freeze for later on in the winter.

Today we are making a cake, and chocolate chip cookies. You know Santa has to have his eggnog and cookies. Don't worry our eggnog isn't spiked so he can fly still.
this layout caught my eye between extractions and color combo. i like..

I love the way they used the photo for the background and used colored/patterned paper for font.
Something about a photo mask of a person to crop a photo. Will I be glad when I can use the photo masks to do it.

More layered photos.. I love the color pallette in each section of the photo. A little time consuming but pretty.

Very Clean presentation..
The photos at an angle layers and with extensive journaling is so cool.

A two pager for those needing a two pager.

I like the uniqueness of this ad.

Two pager with lots of journaling space.

Big time on journaling spaces and candid shots. Real Estate Ad but very good use of space and cleaniness.
OMG..over 8 photos a grunge touch and great journaling space..
Very clean and very focused on the the use of small journaling area..
This was just to clean not to show.


Jo Lynne Valerie said...

You are **so** talented! I LOVE your stuff! :)

Lynn said...

very cool inspiration and merry christmas to you and your family.

小小彬 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.