Friday, December 18, 2009

December 19th and 20th

Here are your Saturday and Sunday pages. I hope your like them. I will be unavailable for the next 48 hours for family mini-gathering. Not to mention some serious hockey games going on.

I thought this ad was interesting by the way the angled everything off center. It is not on a specific degree angle either..monochromatic color scheme is defenitly cool.
I love how they have 6 photos on one page with a great title journaling section in the middle sorta overlaying all the photos.

I like how they have five pictures but plenty of journaling space.

This is a two pager with a solid background with lots of pictures and indepth journaling space.

This too, is a two page but I have to say they provide both lots of pictures and journaling areas.

Unfortunately, I uploaded this image twice. apparentely the color blocking with photos and clean lines is something that truly grabs my attention. The bright background is awesome too.

Another variation on color blocking with solid background and journaling space as well.

Grant it, this is an ad with coupons. Look how it is laid out..altering sized rectangles, nicely placed journaling space, clean lines, solid background again, and great space for more pictures instead of coupons.

This ad always catches my attention. I love the circles with rectangle with an overlay behind the circles, journaling/title work is great too, and its definitely unique.

Wrangler...what can I say... clean lines, great title placment, plenty of layered pictures, and nicely cropped pictures.

Enjoy I hope this helps you get your creativity flowing to play catch up.

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