Tuesday, December 22, 2009

december 22 My Birthday**updated**

The Three Little Pigs Gingerbread house. A gingerbread house mansion.
The train zooming by the said manson.
Gingerbread house cabin, castle, and a victorian house.
More great gingerbread houses.
Yummy..scenes from the worldest largest Gingerbread village competition. Located in the Prescott Resort. There was a grand prize winnger but my cell phone camera wouldn't get all the details. It had lights and everything..
My December daily page..
Love this two page with lots of journaling..
I love how they used other pictures for background, solid section, then more journaling and pictures.
Clean and neat presenation.
Simply elegant..
I love the use of blending for a main photo with smaller photos and journaling..

As of 2:45 pm mst my birthday was ruined again. I am in tears. My kids are acting up, my DH yelling at me, and let's just say that I can't even have peace on my birthday. This is all I was hoping for peace ...So, my DH said I needed to get over it. When your birthday is so close to Christmas, most people forget to seperate the two, and they are too stressed to destress before calling you well, it normally makes for a crappy day. I totally get Zoe from the House of Night Series. I am so totally trying to pull it together before my DH gets home.


Casey Wright said...

Very Cool - love the gingerbread house pics - looks like a lot of work!

Tea said...

The gingerbread houses are great. Nice photos of the whole setup. I love the ads too, especially the last one.

Katherine (Aussiekat) said...

Sorry you're having such a crappy birthday - but happy birthday from me!!! Hopefully your family will come around and there will be plenty of hugs 'n' kisses to be had.

Ros said...

Happy Birthday from me too!