Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9-13th pages and ad inspirations

This one makes me feel like a quilt or a children's story feel. This one elegantly done.
Another quilt type feel ...
this one was inspired by the criminal minds dvd show. second season. When the menu pulled up up you had to different backgrounds blended together with a title seperation the two and four places for the options. It was very clean.
This one was inspired by an article in entertainment magazine. Don't ask which issue because I probably didn't snap a cell phone pictures of it.
I like the use of negative space in this one.

This one was a combination of a two pager with soft edged pictures and reflections with great journaling spots.
How can you not love this one picture everything layout.
I just loved the use of black and white with one color picture. I thought it was eye catching.
I love the way the stamp frame was used with negative space and color as the filler.

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