Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30

To my dear Friend Jen M, I am so sorry that I missed your chat at two peas yesterday. I must apologize to you. I was out with my family. My DH actually wanted to be a social bug and go window shopping. Imagine that my DH..he never wants to go any where. He would be quit happy just staying at home forever including working from. So, I took advantage of the oppurnity knocking to get out of the house.

It looked fun. I hope your holidays are going well. Keep me updated.

Here is my page of today. The color blocking with simple journaling, mixture of photography techniques are awesome.
I like how they get 12 pictures in one section. Small but good.

This is my favorite. Do you know why. The author of the article happens to be one of my kids friend's mom. Didn't realize it until we had a playdate just before Christmas. Here's the ad for her article.

This was a tribute to Michael Jackson, Thriller Video. Just look how clean the layout is. Not much journaling space though.

I love the funkiness of the way they did the photos in the ad. It is so cool!

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Heather said...

Great inspiration pieces! Thank you! I have made 2 sketches of ideas from them to make into layouts later.