Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28th

I did two pages for today. I don't know why but I have. This is the b page. This is the a page.
I like the like and the family tree of journaling..

I like the the way the photos were scattered and the the way the lettering is at a slant and goes for big to small.

This is clean with lots of color blocking and journaling..

different sized photos with lots of mini journal spots..

I liked this one because of the black and white photo with color photos at the bottom..

I love the jeep ad campaign. It truly takes a look at person's personality. I hope that makes sense. Hey Jeep a mood to give away a jeep? I'll take one that is a rubion/safari with four doors full loaded roll cage with 4 x 4ing capabilities, and a whinch on the front. They always come in handy in this family...NO JOKE but we will go there later.

I love the embellishments on how they are scattered and big title/journaling.

totally get the ad.

Wow lots of photos and breaks ...

Very clean and lots of photos

I like the multiple photos, good journaling and title placment,and its very clean.

Okay four photos and journaling/ title.

A two pager with lots of journaling space and pictures.

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Lisa Dorsey said...

Oh, lots of great ads today! Thanks for sharing these!