Thursday, January 7, 2010

Friday...Girls night out..

Okay tonight is girls night out at the kids school. Its a time when the moms and daughters take a night to be together for a few hours.

So, I have to get stuff ready for this today.

Also, yesterday was a busy day for me. I had a list of about 17 things that needed to get done. I got about 18 out of 17 things done. I thought I did pretty good. Though, I was in the bed and sound asleep by 9 with shins hurting again. Trust me all trainers, the ice, heat and over the counter antiflammintories are helping.

I have more creations coming. I thought I woud let you know. Taking a breather. One of my many things is backing up my files to ensure that they won't lost. Then we have some stuff I have to scan and back up as well. So, we can shred this stuff and make our house clutter free.

Today cross training with the girlies, girls night, start the face lift process on one or both of my blogs, and start my altered shoe box project for valentines. You'd be amazed how creative you get when there is no money to buy "extra" decorations.

Okay, the face lift has started. I so frustrated that I can't get the section with the title of the blog personalized the way I want it too..

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