Thursday, January 28, 2010

Songbird Press Release for Heart for Haiti

On January 12th, the earthquake that rocked the island nation of Haiti resonated throughout the world through news organizations and the internet. Many people wondered what they can do to help, many people have contributed to charities and raised funds through whatever means they had at their disposal. Songbird Avenue, as a site devoted to charitable giving, has asked past guest designers to come together with us to create a beautiful piece of art to benefit Doctors Without Borders, just one of so many organizations committed to helping the people of Haiti. On February 1st, Port au Prince will go on sale. Over 56 designers came together to create this colorful digital scrapbooking kit, including over 100 papers, over 200 embellishments, 6 templates and 8 alpha sets. For only $8, you can purchase the kit to use to scrap your cherished memories and send help to a country and organization that needs it.

A Little About Songbird Avenue
Songbird Avenue is a result of the combined efforts of Jan Crowley and Meredith Fenwick. Both designers with long-standing reputations in the digital community, these two women decided that they wanted to focus their efforts on a digital store devoted to charity. They started planning and dreaming and in May of 2007, Songbird Avenue was born. With an amazing debut and a incredibly warm reception by the community, they have been inspired to continue on the path of giving and Songbird Avenue is now a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. All proceeds from the sale of digital goods on the site every month, minus the PayPal fees, are donated directly to the qualified charity of the guest designer's choice. Songbird Avenue has given to many charities including Autism Speaks, the American Diabetes Association, the Fisher Center for Alzheimer Research, Toys for Tots and Make a Wish Foundation to name a few. Over $40,000 has been raised and donated to these causes by Songbird Avenue.

As the site has grown, the team has also. Amy Wolff, Janet Phillips and Liz Tamanaha have all joined the support and design staff of Songbird Avenue. As a way to help promote the site, Songbird Avenue has an amazing team of ladies to create layouts and pieces that are sold alongside the spotlight kit in the store every month. These ladies are passionate about the causes we support, and are an added inspiration to anyone who visits the site with their beautiful layout art each month. Michelle, Jenn, Samantha, Tamara, Lynnette, Whit, Stephanie, Ana, Nettie, Suzanne, Karen, Rebecca, Becky, Claire, Melissa, Ing, Carolee, LeeAndra, Des and Jenna are a strong team with a depth of creativity and style that really lends to the success of the site.

Songbird Avenue is a dream come true and we are so thrilled to have this opportunity to help where we can. The site would not be possible without the love and support of the scrapbooking community and we are truly thankful that we can be the heart of digital scrapbooking.

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