Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monday..countdown...four more days to go

Okay today is busy for me.

1. Volunteer in the kids rooms
2. Run to post office and email DH a delivery confirmation number for a payment on the bill.
3. call on other bills to verify payment has been received or not received. Snail mail go figure..sure isn't as reliable as it use to be.
4.Clean kitchen
5. pack snack
6. pick up kids, take to park at school feed snack
7. cheer practice

Umm not to meniton creating an email cowboy remainder for teacher appreciation and sign up for dishes...

Oh, did I forget to mention finish my altered project for the two free classes at 2peas in a bucket and for valentine's day.

We are having our good friend that introduced us come stay with us. He is in our state for training. I can't wait. I just wish his family was with him. I'd love to see his kids and wife too!

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