Sunday, January 24, 2010

Justice Wish List, Contest Winner

Here is a bathing suit wish list from my kids. Now, take for grant it, that it may change once they try it on.
This is a two piece. We general discourage two pieces, however, this covers appropitely.
This one I almost said no its not on a wish list but it appeared to cover all areas well.

This one is everyone's favorite because its a one piece but off the hook.

In the last year both of my children have sprouted up like little sunflowers. So, what did fit doesn't anymore. What may fit may not. Its a nightmare to go shopping for them anymore. Seriously, my own MIL said she can't believe how hard it is to find stuff for them that fits.
If only my sewing skills were better, and I actually owned a sewing machine.

To my friend Lorrell, I made a bow with a button for a bobby pin that can be easily made. I will have to upload a photo of it for you to look at. It was easy.

I won a contest. I am getting a custom made blog banner/button from my friends at paranormal haven. I am so excited. Ladies look out for the email.


Anonymous said...

Those are cute. My little 4yr old god daughter has the cutest little bathing suites.

Abigail [All Things Urban Fantasy] said...

I stopped by but couldn't find your reviews :(