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Phoenix Rising by Jo Lynne Valerie

Phoenix Rising
Review by MMDP
As an artist myself, this book particularly chapter 1 through chapter 2 is fascinating to my imagination. From the dream realm to the disappearing “in the zone” periods, is something all readers can not only identify with; but become as one with as in a marriage or the “Jedi” way.
As I read chapter 3, it filled the pained spaces in my life from relationship blunders, blips, and blowouts to bring a warm healing smile to my face and soul. The scene is a familiar one to a it tech spouse of dinner with just your children whither it be bloodline or nieces and nephews but a comforting one that brings joy to what could be a joyless moment in time.
In Chapter 4 very well describes the things we do for family even when we least want too mean more to them than us; yet, we don’t know how it touches their lives until you see it through Meaghan’s eyes. Alas, the meeting a possible suitor brings back memories and brings forth worries about the future encounters for my own children. Yet, it is something I pray I can read and pick up on as easily and vividly as this one. Oh, the déjà vie, so, well carved out as a carved statue in a gallery that one might think herself or himself to be Holly the main character experiencing that jolt running through the hand.
I wish it was that easy, to hush my children or other relatives young in age with an elbow to the side in chapter five. I love the phrase, “There are no Coincidences” for this is the truth of life for each of our destined paths. Amen, Jo Lynn from your choir! “An elite few have developed it to the full capacity”, is also truth to the heart, the fact that most do not listen to that gentle tap on the shoulder from above. The cunning and playful conversation is refreshing and invigorating for the reader. Alas, maybe all conversations would be more memorable with love if reality could be just as flirtatious. The final line in chapter five speaks volumes to the sense of a shattered person by divorce. This is something that the majority of our own society can definitely identify with, but also speak of from the person’s heart and healing that comes from speaking of it.
I have to say, in Chapter six, I could totally relate to a vision come to life. The “O” moment is something that we all can say this how we reacted with love, fear, and anticipation.
Okay, I had a jolly good laugh of the bobble head reference. It took me back to seeing my children doing the same thing. It was really nice to laugh and remember good stuff because of a book. I love the whole higher divine thing. So often, I have to use similar wording with my family for them to get they are not suppose completely understand life as whole. Oh what a relieve it is, to hear it from someone else. Oh the nervousness that was both apparent and underlying was nice. As too often, is the case most forget that the other in a relationship feels similar feelings to yours. Can I say yummy for the rest? The words were just like a perfect meal to be eaten while enjoying every savory or sensual bite that is.
Can I say, chapter 8 speaks volumes to the magic we so often over look in our partners on an everyday level. It is not that a marriage fails but the people in the marriage fail to recognize the majestic bonds that brought them together. Thank you for reminding us to enjoy each other.
The agony of dealing with one’s demons/skeletons is vividly portrayed to a tee in the last part of chapter 8. Any victim of trauma or post trauma stress could say at this point, “Yes, this I too do or I have done something similar.” It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s readable to all.
The anger and confusion is so well painted, in chapter nine, that you could hang the start of the chapter on a wall in an art gallery for display. No one would ever say, I don’t get it; they would say wow that could me be all over the place and back again. Then a beautiful flower of a relationship starts to opens its petals as the chapter progresses.
Oh, how speaking and dealing with the truth does wear one out, as illustrated in chapter ten. Yet, with the right support it can be strengthening.
Chapter eleven ties the beginning, the middle, and the end together in a perfect outfit.
Chapter twelve through chapter eighteen were as one for me, I remember starting chapter twelve only to find myself ending at chapter eighteen like sliding through the vortex of a perfectly made day to its ending of a perfectly made sunset. I love the bit about the butterfly. Then the monster of pain that reminds me of a song from the “new moon” soundtrack, Monsters by Hurricane Bells. As a mother that who has experience the trauma of an accident to both of her children, I can say that the written words drew healing path for me. I only pray that the healing path is given to other family members who holds themselves in a guilty prison from the incidents and releases them to joy and happiness.
My word the ending only fills me with hope that my destined path will be laid out to visibly and the end brings much joy and stress relief as this book’s ending gave me by reading it.
I guess I am not a geeky dork enough to be able to get the video link to down load correctly to upload for your viewing pleasure. So, I put a link instead to the trailer. Enjoy.

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Thank you so much for the review! You have absolutely MADE. MY. DAY.

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