Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here is an email card that I made using the Songbird Avenue Kit for January 2010. I hope you like. You can purchase their kit here
Let's see yesterday was spent at a mall near my Dh's work site until he got off of work. I'm exhaugsted.

I watched my hockey team lose in over time after tying up the game 4 to 4. It had to hurt their moral. Keep it up boys! Your coyotes..that means you will outlast everyone else in the like a pack.

I got an job offer to start in the summer and fall from a friend to be a Nanny to her kids while watching mine. I have to come up with what it will cost her overall and run it by my Dh. Pray that my DH will approve it. It will work around my kids schedule.

Okay, me and my software are having issues about designing new background for my blog. I have a banner to my dear friends Steph and Athenna who are graciously walking me through html and assisting when I can't the the language to change to what I want it too. Humpf! Let's just say I thought I had it all complete then wham it's not working out completely the way I want it.

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