Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Spotting for Sewers, and Screams of Stress

Here is some fabric I found at Wal-marat after christmas. It has the waist or bust area already made in it. I would loved to have purchased it but it wasn't happening. First I don't sew, or have a sewing machine. Secondly, Dh is not in a spending mood for me to stitch by hand. I don't have anything like shoes or tops to go with it. Though if you sew you might want to see if it goes on clearance. A definite winner in my case. Though, I could see my kids and I wearing matching skirts for easter with it. My oldest request.
So, this week has been really crappy for me. I have tried excerise which gave me injuries from new shoes, I have tried deep breathing not so much, and needless to say there is just the mood of stress in our house. Basically, I have to get a job. A job in a market that does not exist for me right now. Fast food joints won't hire me because of my restricted work hours, my kids found out they broke out in tears (do mean the waterfall of protest), working at night in hospital or nursing home won't work because of Dh hours, finding an afforadable nanny isn't possible, and well, bills won't wait until I find one. So, if you could pretty please with sugar on top, say prayers for my family. Remove stress, find a job that works with the hours I have to have, and income that will defintely take some stress off Dh is a must. Is not a mary poppins request or what? I guess it is but anything is possible. My dream job to work from home when the kids are in and out of school being a resource person putting specialized workbooks together for each child's learning level or writing children's books. Yet, I have to finish editting the one that has gone through one of our close friends for edits, and do illustrations. Not happening with what we need done around the house (more organizing, scanning of personal documents, and shredding others that don't need to be just thrown away).
I turned in my resume at school. They are not hiring but I had to contact them to find out that I was put on the to be contacted list when a position comes available. I put another one in (application and resume) yesterday but the lady in charge well wasn't available.
I want to scream!
what do you think of the new background?


ellen s. said...

what a funky background! it's way cool. good luck with job...i know how hard that can be.

Casey Wright said...

Love the new background - I'll definitley keep you guys in my prayers - the job stuff stinks right now... good luck!