Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainy days..

Here is what my front yard looks like after rain and continous rain in the desert when we haven't had any in months. Rain that would actually flood yards and washs.This is called a mini wash.

They make these to help the water drain when it does rain in the desert.

We have lots of washes. They are typically bigger than this. This is suppose to help prevent flooding. Expect in lower lying areas, it doesn't always work.

We have had rain here, in the valley but my Dh went north to do some work for a client, they had snow and ice. I will hopefully get pictures of snow in the snow bowl for our desert area. He couldn't get to half of his job sites.


amy said...

enjoy the rain!

Casey Wright said...

Love these pics! I've never seen the desert, I appreciate the pics!