Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wednesday only two more days until our friend arrives

I have had the honored privilege of reading and reviewing this book.
I am not yet done review the book. My days this week have been inturpted with unexpected cleaning and preparations for an old friend. I am almost to the half way point. Look for more to come about my review for this book.

Yesterday was incredibly busy for me. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned until I can honestly say I only have to do the bathrooms before friday and the outside on Thursday. I'm tired.

Today is a half day of school, so, this means my kiddos get to have a play date. One will be working on her project and her friend will be cutting out stuff for her own project. While the younger one will finally have a play date. Y eah..then we have jr cheer practice. Then come home and clean up the mess from projects and play dates.

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