Wednesday, September 30, 2009

About to scream!!!

My oldest has had tummy revolts since last friday night. We took her to the doctor on Monday. The doctor insisted that the child return to school yesterday. We did that. As you know of the last post, it was not a fun night. I finally convinced the doctor to issue a specimen kit to me to get some answers. My DH is about turn into the hulk himself because it is as if our kid is getting blown off.

My oldest had an accident at school today. The nurse and office staff both were so shocked when they found out who we use because that is who they use. They couldn't believe that they insisted my child was fine to go to school.

I have had enough. My child will stay at home until there is no more tummy revolts. We will get samples, and we will have results. I will be switching pedatric offices as soon as the child is well.

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