Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rude Awaking

First of all you ever wake a spouse like that? Nope. The rest of your day will be a living hell.

Secondly, before you point the two fingers at the other spouse look at the three fingers staring down at you like in a gun fight reminding you of all the faults you have verses your partner.

Thirdly, always carefully pull apart the number clothes you have to find said shirt and you might find the said shirt. If it was snake it would have bitten him badly.

Fourth, he got a nasty text telling him to cut his date short. He had chores he had to do too. Deal with it. I am not in a good mood.

Fifthly, what did the sign say below oh, never but never undermind your wife's judgment.

Good news, there is a running club starting up. I am joining it. I need to be running with people outside again. It would help my perspective.

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