Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sick Day Declared at Our House

Well, after 24 hours of my oldest hollering that the throat hurt. We decided to play it safe. We took the child to the doctor's office. A new doctor's office, which just loves my views of my insurance company. I had the staff roll like pigs in a mud puddle.

The nurse pulled a fast one, and tested for strep right off the bat. This did not sit well with my kiddo. Who in there right mind would sit well being tested for strep? Not way no how..yuck. We have just a cold that started on Saturday apparently. So, the doctor is not taking any chances declared a day of rest and fluids with cold medicine. thanks to swine flu and the strep throat going around, they are going old school which means if you take your kid in, the next day is a day of rest and fluid. Smart move, now if the parents wouldn't lie and send their kids back to school.

I made my homemade laundry detergant that I have been blogging about on my healthy blog. it took 20 minutes for a small amount. It appearred to clean better than my regular sensative laundry soap. I will have to post pictures of it. I labelled a air tight container with specific instructions on how to use in case family comes into town. Its wonderful.

Oh Boy have I talked your ear off again..geez bad me. Its an early riser with a sick kid home.

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