Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm back but not in thes addle yet.

In my many unwelcomed visits, to the bathroom over the last few days. I did get to read my book from the library. I am glad I read it. My DH said the title looks unfriendly to others. Yet, I found it soulfully refreshing for me. I hope I do not turn into any of the parents on the other side. It was a truly uncensored look at parenting and marriage that really helped me see better of life right now.

As, for my stomach and body they still would have liked more rest. I got a 5:15 am wake up call from both of my children. One just getting up because well, the child's sleep cycle is off thanks to the virual virus they both have. One still had annoying symptoms from the viral virus including tummy cramps. They both went to the doctor yesterday. They are both being sent back to school today. The Doctor said they would be fine. We were wise to keep them home though because she agreed with us. If we had sent them in then they would have probably gotten worse not better.

Today a long to do list:

make shake n bake
wash our comforter
change sheets
take back cat headband to wal-greens
libray public & school
rec center for gymnastic class for our oldest
digi chat 7 pm
scan in color scheme swatches for design
call about my witches hat-haven't received it yet.

I hopefully won't over do it today.

I did forget to mention that my DH was nice and order cheese pizza for us last night since we had doctor appointments about the time I normally cook dinner plus it was 7.99 for one large pizza at Papa John's


Anonymous said...

Hope you all feel better soon! Amy Tara

Gennifer said...

I hope you're on the mend! :)

Jen Martakis said...

You poor thing. I've never had food poisoning but it sounds totally un-fun. ;)

Thanks for the reminder about the digi chat. I always seem to forget them.

I hoping the hubby will buy pizza for us tonight. ;)