Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Raine

Looking out this morning, I saw staning puddles of rain. Then I heard the chorus line from the song raine by bret michaels run through my groggy brain.

Give you love, give you strength
Get you through your darkest days
When you cry I’ll dry the tears for you
Through the years, through the pain
Times of heartache, times of change
I’ll be your sun you be my Raine

Reminding of the wonderful relationship i have with my kids. One of whom, is still sick with symptons of the viral virus. For two hours last night, which included the time during the digi chat may I add, my poor baby literarily went to the bathroom repeatedly every 10-15 minutes. At one point the literarily had blood coming out, I don't mean the kind that you get from straining too hard. the kind that sends the five alarm fire alarms going off in a parents head telling them something is very wrong. This isn't a viral thing. Not to mention the ordor. When blood and a strange ordor mix its time for the doctor to be notified. Guess what. They didn't call back for over two hours. In desperation we gave the kid some kids pepto tablets, so, the kid could lay down and rest for about an hour maybe. Well, the kid literarily knocked out. I took a sample. Yes, I did. This is something all parents should know, I learned from experience. I took q-tips and got a "fresh sample". Placed it in a sealed ziplock baggie. Yes,saved it for when the office is open. I will be calling them demanding a fecal matter test for food born bateria, and parastic infections.

In desperation, I called an associate who is a nurse. She agreed its not viral at this point. Yeah, she agread the q-tips need to be tested. Always told me to go to a special emergancy/after hours place for kids that is close. They should take me seriously.

So, this is what my day will be off.

Make homemade soup
demand test and get test
spend time with hubby
write out bill checks
Mail bill checks
Call for witches hat again
Start design for something on paper
Then transfer design to computer.
Get help with comforter


Katherine (Aussiekat) said...

Sam, I hope you get those tests for DD. Knowing you as I do (from reading your blog, etc.), I'm pretty sure you will not walk away without and answer. I shudder at the thought of taking ... um ... "samples", but yes, you're right, it has to be done sometimes. Hope everyone in the family gets better soon ... although, sounds like DH has been pretty much immune from everything?! MEN!

Suzanne Webb said...

I hope your DD is feeling better and things are ok :)