Monday, September 14, 2009

Pub Ad..

I forgot to post this yesterday. I hope you like the inspiration.

I had such a good day yesterday. I designed word art..really cool may I add. I designed a template that even if you don't have photoshop or pse you can use. I designed another templated that I used for christmas layouts from last year. It was so cool. Thanks to Jen for explaining to me about some file types I had not heard about. I got not just one layout done but two.

We got to go to church finally. It was wonderful. The place is exactly what we need. Unfortunately, DH didn't get to go, the on call phone rang. He was literary getting off the call when we returned later.


Jen Martakis said...

What a cool piece of inspiration! You are very welcome Samantha!!! :)

Lynn said...

very cool. wow!

Katrina said...

Great AD! Love it!

Linda Rodriguez said...

Cool inspiration!