Saturday, September 19, 2009

Earlier Riser

I had a little help from the angels this morning to rise at 4 am. I wanted to tackle some yard work without the sun or heat bearing down on me. They were gracious enough to be nice and wake me with the howls of coyotes and the dogs that can't stand them. I got two more bushes trimmed back this morning. The other two have to be done when its light out. Dh woke up at 5 am with our youngest child. he was like that tool is not made to trim back bushes specifically but hey if it works for you great.
I finally added the christmas photos to the page you saw below. I just can't post it with the pictures in it.
I have some very exciting news currently!!! I just can't tell you what it is until I have permission to blab it to the world..So keep posted here for the press confrence.

Look what I discovered in my kitchen this past Thursday afternoon. No joke.

I snapped it with my cell phone camera because I didnt' know when DH would download the point and shoot.

my dear friend Gen asked if there was a pot of gold at teh end of it. I think my pot of gold are those that are part of my life.

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