Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday...its's here? Already..

I am still feeling the affects of food poisoning as stated on my healthy blog.Link for details
I feel like someone has taken a 2 x4 and beaten my insides until they have died. Then laid me on set of railroad tracks, to allow a train to run me over to finish me off. Apparently, I was so sick that I appearred to be in a death sleep as a vampyre will do during the day.
The kids are still dealing with their seperate virus along with my DH. We are all on sick day to the point that one child will be heading to the doctor.

AS for my Starbucks, it was never gotten, instead spirit, gatorade, and butter toast was served continually the last few days.

As for me ability or inability to be human currently, it would be inability. The nurse at the doctor's office will have her hands full between the second child coming in and my inability to focus.

Dh...its not far behind me in the inability department..

IF I don't post, for a few days then........if you have my contact may want to send a email search party to check on my status. Bed is continually callig my name.

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