Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day two Volunteering

Okay, so, technically its still Thursday as I type this. Who cares right? I mean come on really..

Today, Friday, I will be a chaperon on a field trip at a local park with the kids. they will be playing a game called rainbow games. It will be lots of fun. I can't wait.

Before I got to the park for the field trip I have a trip to the bank, the post office, and checking the checking account to ensure money was deposited and taken out, and to maybe seeking in finishing up a layout without pictures that will show how to use the template i used.

I got notified of winning a Halloween witches hat that i had regristed for. Oh, Ms Michelle Underwood, this is one that when I get it. You will want for yourself. Seriously, girlie, and cool. Gen, Jen, and Jen don't worry I will finally take a good picture of me in the hat. If you remember last year's Halloween hat. This one will top the crop.
This is a gift that...
was never received. not that I did not try to deliver it to one of my kids teachers from her class. Its just that some immature adult took out of the lunch room or work room for themselves. I just pray they really needed. I just pray that they weren't being spiteful.

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