Sunday, September 20, 2009


Here are two ads for inspirations this week. I think they are terrific.

We stayed up way too late last night. We finished season two of the HBO True blood series. It was really funny the first season. The second season got weird. We know there will be a third season because of the cliff hanger they left you with at the end.

Today we are suppose to go to the baseball game for the kids to do an end of the season parade, if we can find a letter that gives them passes. If no letter then no baseball game. This is fine by me.

Dh and I discovered we all have a touch of a minor virus last night. Our oldest ran fever, showed signs of dehydration, and not wanting to play or do anything. Then Dh and I felt the same way. So, we just stay in our home resting and hydrating ourselves all day long. I crashed on the couch because I felt to ill to make it back to the bed. I got good solid 5 hours sleep before waking up.

This week I will be posting a layout by a friend who used a template I designed for a christmas layout I did. It came out awesome. There will be a link to her blog to see the rest of her wonderful work.


Lilach Oren said...

Looks like a great challenge!! TY

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Great ads! Thanks for sharing!