Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunday Reflection

desert rain shower..if you can't see the rain drops on the window. Not enough to spit about or write home about..

Life's troubles are like a desert ran storm, they come on without much warning but dissipate within a little while. How you choose to deal with it will make the outcome sweet or sour like the Chinese sauce.

We attended the WNBA Western Confrence game tonight. The Phoenix Mercury's vs Altanta Dreamers. Phoenix won!! Yeah..go go go mighty mercury's. It was also Women of Inspiration night. The night where the WNBA honors the women around their community that inspire others through helping or business wise. Before it all, started my oldest leaned over and hollered in my ear, "Hay Mommy thats you up there!". If I can't express the fact that maybe my last couple of days. To think I am an inspiration to my kids, though I have no real job skills, college degree, pedigree, or fame and fortune. To my oldest, just being a great mom is inspiration enough. Now if we can get my bone head DH to get that through his head. I know it doesn't bring extra income to the table or anything fancy. What can I say it was a moment I will remember. Thanks WNBA for making it a night to remember!

Your pub ad inspiration

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Anonymous said...

Oh Samantha!! That is just so precious. You're one very lucky mom! {hugs} 8D