Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fabric for Lynn/Update on home situation

Took these snap shots of fabric that I found at wal-mart. A friend at two peas was looking for some for older kids. I a not sure if this is what this is her kids style or not. so, I am posting it here. Hay Lynn, you want the prices email me.

My mil has two bulging discs in her back. She stayed over night in the hospital. She will be release sometime today.

As for my husband, I have decided everthing must be earned back from here on out. He must earn any type of intimacy by showing respect and appreciation. He wants to talk..then he'd better show good character. he wants anything else..he must show good character. Until we get the relationship back on track the way its suppose to work. Kuddos to my youngest last night, who insisted in getting in the brand new to sleep. No kuddos for the oldest, who I carried asleep to that's child's new bed. Also, bedtime is an automatic 10 pm -10:30 pm from now. I will start getting up at between 5-6 am again. I think that will be more suitable for us as a family. Structure is good even for adults.


Anita Stergiou said...

Good for you for being strong Samantha!

I picked up a book called Act Like a Lady / Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey.... VERY well worth the read if you can find it in a bookshop or at the library. ;)

Lynn Grieveson said...

That's cute! Need to use the stuff I have in my cuboards first though. I am a dredful hoarder LOL!